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About Us

The F. A. Nino's Family and Story

F. A. Nino's owners and operators. Ryan Rommel, Leo Magnaye, Chuck Ross, & Frank Ross (RIP Tio).

 We are a family-owned and operated company out of Petaluma, California representing the greatest mix of culture and food of Sonoma County. With over 25 years of experience in the professional culinary world from restaurants, cafes, and catering, we’ve ventured into creating our own artisan products in 2010, and have been growing stronger and stronger every year- and now, we are all over Northern California, stretching from Eureka to the South Bay Area and even into Nevada! We're inching our way in Southern California, too!

Our focus is to make extremely versatile, easy to use products with deep layers of flavor by using high quality organic ingredients and old school pepper and spice preparation techniques. The Chef and founder's Grandmother is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and grew up in the kitchen learning her ways of slow smoking peppers, toasting spices, and building flavors from every ingredient no matter how little was used. Everything has its purpose in the kitchen, and she put care and love into every ingredient, as she would for every member of the family.

F. A. Nino’s is about flavor over heat, creating a blend that's incredibly savory that highlights your food as opposed to overpowering it, and making cooking easy for all levels of culinary ability. Since we use peppers in most of our products, our intent is to use them to add a level of subtle heat to go alongside the unique bold, savory, tangy, sweet, smoky flavor profiles of every bottle. Our rubs and sauces can be used on grilled meats and veggies, in dips, dressings, marinades, cocktails (great in a Bloody Mary), simply amazing on eggs, or quickly used as a finisher on anything to add huge flavor. We are Certified Organic, vegan friendly, contain zero major food allergens, zero artificial preservatives, and is low sodium. We encourage our customers to treat us like family, be creative, be spontaneous and cook with us at their side- its love and flavor in a bottle, from our family to yours!

From our family to yours, sauce it up & dig in!

F. A. Nino's original founders and owners, Chuck and Frank Ross!

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